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Oct 28, 2016

The feel-good conference season is over, with its keynotes, success stories and Dynamics 365 unveiling. Now, what do Microsoft Dynamics SMB partner organizations truly think of the Dynamics channel direction?

Linda Rose, “Chief Cloudster” and founder of RoseASP, joins us for an unflinching look at what Dynamics SMB partners and their clients are likely to experience in the near future. She previews the 2016 Dynamics SMB Partner Survey (registration required) including issues like:

  • Competitive cloud products being sold, which scare partners and which entice them?
  • How reliant is the channel on cloud service providers, and can we expect more? Fewer?
  • Current plans for Dynamics 365: Must partners prepare for their own digital transformations?
  • Differences between Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, and SL partners. Hint: D365 may be impressive but you’ll pry these classic solutions from the cold, dead fingers of loyal customers.
Oct 22, 2016

Dynamic Communities’ GPUG Summit celebrated its 10th anniversary this month with record attendance; it was the best-attended of four events (including the AXUG, NAVUG and CRMUG Summits).

GPUG Program Director, Bob McAdam helps orchestrate the Summit, from the content to the venue to Microsoft’s involvement.

Bob joins us to talk about:

  • The Dynamics GP roadmap. Dynamics GP 2017 has a name, and a release date (around Summit 2017).
  • The new, yearly release cadence – perhaps a relief to users?
  • Next year’s venue. With 60 percent higher attendance in 2016, the Summits have outgrown Tampa. Enjoy the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn.
  • Why GP holds its loyal user base and will continue to do so, even as Dynamics 365 grabs all the attention.
Oct 18, 2016

Microsoft finally unveiled Dynamics 365 last week, just ahead of the user group Summit conferences. They also updated Dynamics ERP and CRM customers on their respective products’ roadmaps, and what 365 will mean for each one.

There was a lot to take in at the event, and we cover a lot in this podcast including:

  • Microsoft’s new intelligence apps, wherein Microsoft takes aim at Salesforce with new pricing, analytics expertise on display in Dynamics 365.
  • On-premise options related to the rapidly-changing D365 plans. Your on-prem solution for AX might be AX 2012.
  • Microsoft readies Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps with added analytics and new partnerships for customer service and lead intelligence round out next wave of offerings.
  • Dynamics 365 for Operations: Microsoft reveals AX 2009, 2012 upgrade tools, roadmap
  • Not one, but two new Dynamics 365 user groups.
Oct 7, 2016

The CEO of RapidStart CRM calls himself a “Dynamics 365 Fighter Pilot.”

Steve Mordue has enthusiasm for progress. You won’t find the cloud CRM veteran, ISV and blogger trying to cling to sunsetting products and last decade's sales models.

Steve is the author of such provocative posts as Dynamics 365 – The Irresistible Force meets the Immovable Channel, a subject he talks about in this week’s podcast. He also shares his wisdom about:

  • The future of Dynamics CRM. Is there one, post Dynamics 365?
  • Partner-to-partner relationships. Microsoft is pushing them for a reason; can you be an expert in all things Microsoft? And what’s behind partners’ hesitation?
  • Why the CRM channel should expect an uptick of acquisitions in 2016.
  • Is the channel making a dent in Microsoft’s market share?
  • Why ERP and CRM partners must “sing together" or risk losing out to a shifting software sales landscape.
Oct 3, 2016

Two weeks of compelling Microsoft Dynamics stories, including intelligence from both Directions 2016 and Ignite. Among this week’s topics:

  • Directions 2016 North America, where Microsoft asked NAV partners to embrace the differences of the Dynamics 365 opportunity (and clarifies why there is an opportunity)
  • Microsoft’s quiet AI revolution is over now that artificial intelligence is practical and in use by customers like Lowe’s and the NFL. And Surprise! Microsoft has built an Azure-based supercomputer to manage it all.
  • Several intriguing guest columns. The topics:
    • Is your CRM an enabler or enemy for your sales team?
    • Why there is no credible AX integration framework from Microsoft, and what to do.
    • Three reasons why the cloud may not be for your organization. Think capex versus opex – maybe your organization is not the subscriber kind.