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Dec 28, 2016

Sure, Dynamics 365 was the big story of 2016, and likely will be in 2017. But it wasn’t the only story with impact on the year ahead. What else do we see in our crystal ball for 2017?

MSDynamicsWorld Editor Jason Gumpert looks ahead, with his answers to the questions:

  • Will Microsoft need to rebrand Dynamics 365? And who will be the public face of D365?
  • Are customers eager for a Dynamics/LinkedIn integration? Or would that be one-too-many CRM interfaces?
  • What compelling reason is there to upgrade from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 for Operations? (Is there one?)
  • When will D365 for Financials reach functional parity with Dynamics NAV? And with its low pricepoint, where does that leave NAV partners?
  • Will SMB ERP partners begin dropping off or getting acquired, or, do they have too strong a value proposition to just fade away?
Dec 19, 2016

As 2016 nears its end, the MSDW Podcast ponders things ending (Envision), beginning (LinkedIn acquisition), and just coming into focus (Dynamics 365). We also review a raft of excellent expert content and look ahead to two can't-miss webcasts in this last full work week of the year (for most). 

Topics include: 

Dec 15, 2016

Something a little different this week: seven enterprise software podcasters weigh in on 2016 and 2017, talking about everything from Microsoft’s sudden burst of product releases, consolidations among both enterprise packages and partners, and even driverless cars and bitcoin.

Hosted by Bob McAdam (acting as moderator), Todd McDaniel, and Darcy Boerio, cohosts of the, also taking part were:

Dec 4, 2016

Is digital transformation “The end of ERP software as we know it”?

Panorama Consulting’s Eric Kimberling joins us to talk about his company’s report Everything You Need to Know About Digital Transformation, which makes that bold claim.

No, ERP is not going obsolete; it essential to digital transformation, but just a piece of the puzzle. 

Kimberling joins MSDynamicsWorld Editor Jason Gumpert to explore:

  • Why digital strategies are driven by an overarching business strategies versus IT’s need to upgrade current systems.
  • When ERP upgrades are the right choice.
  • Which industries have no choice but to make a digital transformation? (Hint: Can brick-and-mortar retailers compete with Amazon without deeply-integrated CRM and e-commerce?)
  • Why the global manufacturing environment practically mandates a transformation.
  • How intelligence, not tools, is the aim of any digital transformation.
  • How Microsoft leads in completeness of vision.